Monday, October 14, 2013

Italian dinnner...Jonas style!

My daughter and I loved to watch Married to Jonas when the show was on E! (   One of our favorite episodes was when Dani got to write recipes and cook dinner for her family to be featured in Cosmopolitan magazine.  It was neat to see the "behinds the scenes" and all that goes into a magazine shoot!  Both of us thought the dinner looked great and decided we would try it for our family.  We found it in Cosmo and saved the pages with all intent of making the dinner soon.   Well, time certainly got a way from us, but we finally found the time this weekend!!

Here is our fabulous dinner in pictures.   Get ready to drool.   (Note that we served broccoli rabe (fresh from our local farm share) instead of the green beans Dani made.)

Our daughter putting the chopped onions on the baking sheet (will later become chunky sauce for meatballs)

My hubby even helped out by peeling garlic

Me browning the meatballs...we doubled the batch and made some without the mozzerella ball stuffing for the kids.  These meatballs were AWESOME (both stuffed and unstuffed).

Our daughter...proud of all we have going on...that's a lot of pots and pans!

looking good...there is that broccoli rabe I mentioned.

veggies roasting, meatballs cooking (note we put them both in the same 375 oven...just altered baking times)

Sauteeing....mouth watering yet?

And dinner is served...sorry Mrs. Jonas...with all due respect, we use paper napkins for regular family dinner.  Cloth comes out on holidays.

Our kids...anxious to dig in!

Umm, quite possibly, the best meatballs EVER!

So there you have it...our very special Italian dinner compliments of Kevin and Danielle Jonas!  Thank you for sharing your family's recipes.  We really enjoyed them.  We wish them both the best of luck with their new baby on the way!


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