Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More from the mouth of JAL...

My husband took my son to a Flyers game this weekend. He cheered and yelled quite a bit. When he got home, he said his throat was sore from all the screaming.  He then proceeded to talk for 15 minutes straight about the game.  Detail after detail...non stop.

I finally got a word in and said, "I thought your throat hurt from all the yelling...you sure are talking a lot."  He replied, "Mommy, I said it was sore...I didn't say it was broken."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

"Donate Dad"

I own a small business called Eternal Memory Candles.   These candles are labeled in memory of "Mom" or "Dad", etc.  A friend of mine asked me to donate a candle for a charity fundraiser and I happily obliged.

I left myself a post it note in the office that simply read "Donate - Dad" to remind myself to record the candle in my inventory tracking spreadsheet and to record the donation for tax purposes.

My 7 year old son was in the office and asked me what the post it note meant.  I asked him if he knew what donate meant.  His response was "give it away to someone who needs it".  I told him that was correct.  He said, "Are we giving Daddy to another family that needs a Dad?"   After doing my best to stay straight faced, I said we were not giving away Daddy...it was just a note for the candle business.  He was so relieved and said that it was good...because he really likes his Daddy and wants to keep him. 

I can't believe my son thought I could give away my husband!!