Tuesday, September 27, 2011

19 miles DONE...one more long run to go!

This weekend I did the first of my two 20 milers. I only made it 19 miles...but I think that was good enough! It was so stinking humid that I'm sure that accounts for something!

After the run, I hopped in an ice bath!  Delightful...

I don't know if I enjoyed my greek yogurt with granola, raisins, and banana or the ice bath more.  They were both wonderful after those hard miles.  Thanks to Keri @ Blue Eyed Runner for inspiring me to try an ice bath!

I recovered really quick after those 19 miles and actually did a 5 miler today.  Quite a difference in recovery times from the 1/2 marathon where it took me till Thursday to run again. 

My training plan calls for 15 miles on Saturday and the forecast is a high of 64.  15 miles will seem like a walk in the park compared to 19 in high humidity!!  After this weekend, I have one more 20 miler and then the taper begins.  So exciting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I'm still smiling from the 1/2 marathon this weekend. Recovery was slow...I just got back out today for my first run and only did a measly 3 miles.

I'm still slightly troubled by the left hamstring and right knee. Hoping to survive my 20 miler in tact this weekend!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A new PR!

2:12:17...A new PR for me! WOO HOO!

More details coming soon...but some pics to start...That me with my hands in the air (white shirt, black capris) at mile 12.9 or so...

Me and my hubby!
I love how my Dad made this picture...Thanks, Dad for instilling the qualities of determination and perseverance...they certainly helped today.  Know you are proud!
 Brett Michaels Rockin' at the post race party!

Off for a long hot shower!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

13.1 in memory of my Dad...

In 13 hours (check out the irony of the timing), I will be running 13.1 miles in memory and honor of my Dad.  In case you've forgotten why I run or what he looked like, let me remind you with some of my favorite pics of him.  The first one is on the front of the shirt I'll be wearing tomorrow.  The second one is from the winter (he always grew a beard in the winter).

Monday (9/19) would have been his 68th birthday. We'll be sending our balloons to heaven as we do every year.

Love you and miss you dad...please give the courage and strength to get through these miles tomorrow.  Wish you could be there to high 5 me at the finish...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After my 18-miler on Sunday, I noticed some pain on the back of my left knee.  The pain started spreading up the hamstrings to the glutes and hip.  I took Monday off and rested.  Yesterday (Tuesday), I rode the bike, did arms, and abs, and then tried to do my walking lunges.  The walking lunges were disastrous...my left hip completely caved.  I immediately called my PT and he got me in yesterday afternoon.

After much testing, he determined I pulled my left hammie.  His recovery plan includes rest, ultrasound, electronic stim, taping, and stretching.  No running.  I go back for more treatments on Thursday and Friday.  He took such good care of me...I felt like a professional athlete!  HA HA! 

This is not where I wanted to be just before my half marathon on Sunday...but with any luck, the hammie will heal and I will be ready for the start on Sunday morning.  Overall, I hope this is just a blip in my full marathon training schedule.  I still have two more 20 milers left to run before the full on 10/30.

Once I complete my full marathon, I am done with the long runs.  It's just too hard on my body!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

18 miles this morning

I ran 18 miles this morning. I unplugged for miles 9 through 11 in honor and memory of those who lost their lives 10 years ago today. We will never forget...

I thank all our service men and women for keeping America safe and free and all our firemen, policemen, and EMTs for their courage and bravery.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bib 10635!

Did I tell you I'm running a marathon? I think I may have mentioned it once or twice around here.

Bib numbers were announced yesterday...Mine is 10635.

WOO HOO...3 more long training runs...that's it...three to go...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the kiddos!  Both were happy with their teachers and the numerous friends in their class.  I was happy to push them out the door and get my quiet house back!  Of course, the quiet only lasted till 4 when they busted back in, hit the pantry for a snack, and deposited all the paper work on the island for me to fill out.  So much MOM homework on Day 1!!

It rained all day yesterday and looks to be another rainy day again today.  I guess it goes with my mood...dreary!  Here's hoping for some sunshine so I can get back to running.

You might already know this...but I've got a marathon I'm training for.   HA HA! 

Seems like these big runs become your life!  Your schedule revolves around your long runs, you meal plan around your runs (pasta on friday nights to carb load for Saturday AM), you even do laundry around your run schedule.  You must wear your best, most comfortable shorts on the long runs to minimize chafing...shorter runs I can wear the crappier shorts because, after all, I'm only going 5 miles.

See...I can't even write one post without it coming back to running.  This was supposed to be about the first day of school. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Only 12.5 today...

A step back week in my training plan...only a 1/2 marathon run for the weekend! HA HA! I totally love how my mindset has changed as to what is a long run!  18 on the plan for next weekend.

It's a light weekend for us with no major plans. Off to hit the grocery store, lowe's, and the wine store. I want to try the skinny girl margarita stuff. Anyone tried it yet? Low calorie and low carb...my kind of drink.  House projects this afternoon!

Happy long weekend to all!