Sunday, October 31, 2010


2:13:32.  12 minutes quicker than my previous half on 9/19/10. And, I even fell on the trail part of the course.

I couldn't be more proud of myself.  Full race recap (including the fall) coming soon...for now, I'm going to sit in the hot tub.

All for my Dad who is smiling down on me today.  He continues to inspire, lead, and motivate!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rocking Horse Ranch!

We're back from an absolutely wonderful (albeit exhausting) weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch (  Here's what we did in 3 jam packed days....(deep breath in)....

Rode (1 hour trail rides), saw a blacksmith make horse shoes & a horse get horse shoes on, Bungee jumped (on a trampoline), rock climbed, moon bounce, peddle boats, 1.25 mile pedestrian walkway over the Hudson river surrounded by the beautiful fall foliage, horse drawn wagon ride, bonfire with marshmallows, magician, juggler, indoor water park, stable tour, spongebob trivia, wii room, karaoke, archery, and ate, ate ate.

A few pictures...since words are not sufficient to describe our great weekend!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another week...busy, busy, busy....

Lots going on again (what else is new)....quick summary to keep everyone up to speed....

  •  Running:  I did 12.4 last Saturday including conquering Shawmont!  For those non-locals, Shawmont Ave is a 300' vertical climb that is 1 mile long.  It's considered a rite of passage around here...I did it on my first try (without walking) and then proceeded to run another 10 miles after that.  I won't lie...I was sore on Sunday.  I ran another 6 on Tuesday (my fastest 6 miles ever) and will go 3 more tomorrow.  I will probably do one more long run (10 miles) before the 1/2 marathon I'm doing on Halloween morning.
  • Family:  Kiddos are good.  Hubby is good.  All our healthy and happy which is the way I like it!  ARL got a new part in the play...She's now Patch (instead of Spot) and picked up some more lines.  JAL is really doing well in soccer...they are on a winning streak!  
  • Work:  BUSY!  But, busy is good!  I'm picking up some new clients and absolutely adore my new boss.  He's a great leader and truly believes in growing his people.  No, he doesn't read my I'm not kissing up!  
  • Entrepreneurial Venture:  Website is a work in progress.  Logo is finalized (see previous post), prototypes are being made and will begin retailer solicitation soon.  I love that my new business now gets mail!  It makes me smile every day when I see mail in the mailbox addressed to EMC!  I guess someone figured out how to buy LLC and EIN records!  They must be public domain somewhere!

All for now...I've got a proposal to write before we go out in the hot tub!

Friday, October 15, 2010


My dream is becoming a reality.  October 12 marked the official birth or Eternal Memory Candle!  Stay tuned for more information.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New sneaks, shot blocks, and one more training run....

I've been having some minor pain in my right arch lately. I really should learn to listen to my body...when the arch starts hurtin', it's time for new sneaks. I went to Fleet Feet (the best running store ever) and got a new pair of my favorites...Brooks Adrenaline. I took them out for a spin on the sidewalk and the difference is amazing...NO ARCH PAIN!

I also picked up some shot blocks in orange.  I'm going to do two things differently for this 1/2 marathon (not counting the new sneaks)...

-I'm going to hydrate with electrolytes from the start (previous 1/2 marathon I didn't start until the 1/2 way point)
-I'm going to do shot blocks at the 1/2 way point

I'm hoping these two things will help prevent the side stitch and quad cramp I got last time.  Funny thing though...I never had a quad cramp or a side stitch in my training runs prior to the 1/2 (or in my trainng runs since, for that matter).  Think its mental?

12 or 13 this weekend and then the taper begins.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

That wasn't so bad...

12 miles in 2:08.  It's actually a tie for my fastest 12 mile time ever.  I've run 12 in 2:08 only once before.

A big thanks to my running buddy Jeff who keeps me going.  He says we're doing 13 next week. 

I see pizza and drinks in my future tonight! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

12 miles tomorrow morning

Tomorrow AM, I will be running the first of my long runs in preparation for the OktoberFest 1/2 marathon. I'm kinda a geek, but the clothes are already laid out in the bathroom (so I don't disturb sleeping hubby while getting ready), the alarm is set (and double checked), and the ipod and breakfast area all ready for me.

I'll start at 6:30 and be done by 8:40.  I can't wait!  I still am surprised I'm doing another 1/2 marathon (especially so quickly after the last one).  In 12 hours from now, I'll be a sweaty & exhausted, but smiling nonetheless.

Have a great weekend and good luck to all who are racing!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What am I thinking?

I signed up for another 1/2 marathon. 

It's on October 31...26 days from today.

It's a fundraiser for lung cancer, so I couldn't resist. 

So much for enjoying my leisurely runs that were when I wanted to go for whatever distance I felt like.  Back to the schedule...back to the training.

Why do I do this to myself?  (You know I'm smiling as I right this...this running bug has really got a hold of me.)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy weekend ahead!

My poor neglected blog. I have been so freakin' busy this week that I don't have time for it anymore.

I've been enjoying "casual" runs setting of the alarm, no being forced to go X miles at Y pace.  Just getting out and running for fun.  I did 8 miles on Saturday, 4 miles on Monday and 6 miles on Wednesday.  I'll get a quick run in tonight before we head to our friend's house for dinner.

I keep making progress on the biz...had a logo design meeting this week with a graphic artist and my webpage designer. 

Kiddos are good...ARL was picked to be Spot in 101 Dalmatians and JAL won his first soccer game last weekend.  2 soccer games this weekend, company picnic in NJ, dinner with my sister, drama practice, and a long run (10+ miles) all in store.