Friday, January 29, 2010

It's out of my hands now!

I have been working on a business plan for a new product concept for the better part of Q4 2009.  Technically, I guess you could say I have been working on it since Q4 2008, if you count all my shopping trips and online searches where I tried to find this product to buy it.  I came to the conclusion that it doesn't exist and I basically decided to create my own.

The business plan was a time consuming process....writes, re-writes, edits by my Sister (Thanks, Michelle), more re-writes, etc.  I finally put the finishing touches, drafted a catchy cover letter (Thanks, Gretchen), had it professionally bound, and fed exed it to my two target companies today.  Big sigh of relief!

I guess it is fitting timing since we are about to escape to sunny FL for a few days of vacation.  Happy it is off my TO DO list!  Hopefully, the two target companies will read it, like it, and call me!  Wishful thinking...I know.

Better get moving...still need to get a mani and eyebrow wax, get 3 proposals out and do a conf call, and pack!  YIKES!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hard to get work done...

I've said this so many times before...I love my  job!  It's the perfect mix of at home work vs. client meetings.  I love getting dressed up and going to my clients for important meetings.  I love the thrill of each new sale!  But, on the flip side, I also love sitting around in my jeans and working from home some days.  No makeup, no panty hose, no heels, you get the idea.  To be honest, some days I don't even shower until after lunch.

Today is a home day.  I rolled out of bed (got some extra sleep), got the kids off to school, and have been happily plugging away at two proposals all morning.  My only issue is that it is difficult to type when you can't see the screen and when someone keeps licking my fingers!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter Organizing!

I just finished reading Suze Orman's "Women and Money" book.  She spurred me to take control of our finances and really get organized.  It's a great read and I definitely recommend it! 

I started my week of organizing by tackling our 401Ks, IRAs, pension documents, etc.  I created binders that have tabs for each section (i.e. Andrea's 401K, Andrea's IRA, Andrea's Social Security statements, etc.)  I had all these documents before, I just didn't have them organized in one place.  I did the same for Mike and for the kids (i.e. Daughter's 529, Daughter's IRA, Daughter's Savings, etc).  Now, all of our financial information is organized in one neat place and I know what we've got at a glance. 

Next, I completed a thorough review of our insurances (life, home, vehicles).  Suze has some great advice about types of policies to avoid.  Luckily, we had term life and guaranteed replacement value like she recommends.  Guess I can keep our agent!  :)

When this was all done, I went on a shredding kick.  I cleaned out so many years of old policies, receipts, etc.  Why I save this stuff is beyond me.  This picture is just 1/4 of the shredding I did.  YES, there are 3 other loads just as big. 

Finally, I organized the office closet.  Since I work from home quite a bit, having an organized home office for my work materials is crucial to my success.  Doesn't it look neat??

Now that I'm all organized, I can officially relax and get ready for a nice weekend.  Nothing fancy going on here...we are having dinner with friends tonight and the kiddos each have a party to go to.  My sister and husband are coming for dinner on Sunday.  I haven't seen them since Christmas, so it will be good to catch up.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Feeling those winter blues....I haven't run since my debacle on Monday.  My shins/calves are still hurting.  I even went out and bought new running sneeks thinking the arch support had broken down in the old ones.  I have been wearing the new sneakers (Brooks Adrenaline) around the house and my calves feel fine when they are supported by the nice, comfy shoe.  When I'm barefoot, each step is uncomfortable (and coming down stairs is downright painful).  I feel as though I may fall face first.

Of course, walking all around my client's office in high heeled boots does wonders for my calves!  Too bad I have to dress for work...I would be much more comfortable in my jeans and sneakers!  To make matters worse, it wasn't a good day at work.  One of my clients wasn't very nice today. 

Oh well...nothing a large glass of Cabernet can't fix.  Yummy dinner tonight....Take out from Taco Bell!  There is a coupon for a free Fresco taco at  Combine that with the Border Bucks Mike got for his birthday and we'll have a rather cheap dinner.   Mike felt we must go to pay our respects to Mr. Bell (founder of Taco Bell) who died earlier this week.   For those of you who know Mike, you know he takes "The Bell" very seriously.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Update

My little party went quite well.  I had enough food (always a concern) and everyone seemed to have a great time!  We'll be eating leftovers for a week! 

Weather is nice here today so I tried to run on my lunch hour.  To say it didn't go well would be an understatement.  I had to stop and walk twice.  I have no clue what is going on, but the inside of both shins (up near the knee) is killing me.  I took a hot shower and now smell like icy hot!  Lovely.  All I have to say is that this problem better go away soon because I want to run in Florida.  My mother keeps telling me that the country club is gorgeous and it has a lovely 4 mile walking/running path that goes around two lakes.  I can't wait to get down there and enjoy some nice weather!

All for now...gotta get back to work and get some proposals out!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Friday....

This week has gone so incredibly s-l-o-w-l-y.  I am so happy it is finally Friday.  I'm hosting a party here Saturday night for my colleagues to celebrate a big account win!  I have a lot of cooking and prep work to do, so I'll spend most of tonight and pretty much all of tomorrow in the kitchen!  A big THANKS to my friend Danielle who helped plan the menu, lent me serving stuff, and even took me to Costco last night!!

Wish me food, good food, enough food, & hungry appetites!!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Half way....Already? How can it be???

Our daughter has been reminding us all week that she is quickly approaching her 1/2 birthday this month.  She'll be 8 1/2 years old!  I think that she thinks that this entitles her to a gift.  She'll be disappointed when she doesn't get one!

Anyway, after tucking her in last night, Mike said something that has really been making me think.  We've had our daughter for 8 1/2 years now (born July 19, 2001).  We have her for about 8 1/2 more years before she heads off for college.  We're at the half way point in raising her. can this be true?  1/2 way already?

So, I've been thinking (more like worrying).  Are we raising her well?  Are we teaching her values, morals, & ethics?  Is she kind, giving, loving, courageous, and forgiving? Have I taught her the value of hard work and money (I think so) and honesty (not really sure on this one)?  Is she growing up into the young woman we dreamed and hoped her to be?

So what do you guys think?  How are we doing as parents?  All of you know her...where do we need to step it up and improve our parenting skills?

I haven't even gotten to worry about our son yet.  Will have to save that for the next posting.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Today's plans

I did a 3.4 mile run with the Fleet Feet group this morning.  It's 19 degrees here....I guess I have officially crossed the line of a casual runner to a dedicated runner.  HOLY CRAP...It was cold out there!  What was I thinking???  Everyone driving by us shook their heads like "you guys are CRAZY".  And, I guess we kind of were.  There were about 14 of us.  Some did the 5 mile run...I opted for just the 3.4.  I ran with a nice guy (never got his name) who kept me slightly ahead of my normal pace.  I knew I had to stick with him or I would get lost and not know my way back.  I definitely plan on running with this group every Saturday morning.  It will keep me from over indulging on wine on Friday night!

We are taking our daughter to a kids party this afternoon.  Since it is in the same complex as PF Changs and we have a gift card from our in laws, DH and I are going to have a late lunch.  I'm really looking forward to sitting down and catching up with him.  He's been in FL all week for work.  I missed him!  I just hope we can find something on the menu for our picky son.

Tonight, we'll be cheering on our birds!!  GO EAGLES!

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

UGH...when will this cold snap go away??

The weather is driving me crazy.  I hadn't run since New Years Day; I just kept pushing it off hoping it will be warmer and less windy the next day.  Today, I finally bit the bullet and ran.  It was downright cold and very windy.  Not enjoyable at all. 

I found out today that a local running store near me does 8 am Saturday morning runs.  She said the group is about 8-20 folks and the paces are 9-12 minute miles.  They run either a 3 mile or 5 mile route.  I'll be joining them for the first time this week (weather permitting).  Check out their website at:

Not much on the weekend plans.  My daughter has a kid party on Saturday and we'll be watching the Eagles eliminate the Cowboys on Saturday night!   GO EAGLES!

Happy weekend to all!


Monday, January 4, 2010

More NYE Fun ... pictures!

Back to the routine...

The long winter break has ended and it is back to the grind. The kids are back in school and I'm back to work.

I wanted to share this great video of my son at the New Year's Eve party. He apparently thinks that he can dance. I have no idea who taught him to "break dance".