Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunburnt, but happy!

Ahhh....a wonderful holiday weekend!

2 days down the Shore with friends, picnics, runs, movies, you name it...we crammed it in. It was bliss. What a great way to kick off summer!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

12 miles kicked my butt!

Whew...the first smokin' hot run of the summer. Two laps around Peace Valley. Thank god I had friends to keep me going. We only walked once in the 12 miles for one very short part.  2:12 for 12 miles which is exactly an 11 minute mile pace.  In this heat, I'll take it.

Yesterday, Mike and I saw Bridesmaids and Hangover 2 in the theater.  They were both hilarious!!  It was a great way to kick off the long weekend.

Off to eat, drink, and socialize!

Friday, May 27, 2011

The weekend is here!

It will be a great weekend filled with movies, the beach, picnics, parties, food, running (12 miles on Saturday), and friends.  I'm really looking forward to 4 days of relaxing and enjoying.

Happy Memorial Day!  On Monday, please take a moment to honor and thank those who have served.  I know Memorial Day is about honoring those who sacrificed their lives for our Country.  Thankfully, I don't know anyone who was killed in service. 

I think a lot of us take our Freedom for granted.  So, to that end, I'll thank and kiss my hubby a little extra on Monday just for all of you!  He proudly served as a US Marine from 1986-1992.   Semper Fi!  And, a great big THANKS to all who are presently serving and keeping us safe!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exciting News!

Alright, alright! I've kept you all waiting long enough!

In April, I obtained my first "real" customer that ordered enough for me to place my first order with my manufacturer.  It took forever, but the candles have completed their burn test (who knew there was such a thing) and I can now legally claim the length of my burn.  It was a learning experience with regards to labeling, filling, packaging, quality control checks, etc.  I never thought about how complicated the manufacturing process could be. 

Anyway, The candles will be leaving the warehouse shortly!  I am so freakin' excited!!  My dream is now a reality!

If you could, please "like" Eternal Memory Candles on Facebook.  Facebook (and the blogging community) will account for the bulk of my marketing while we are still in start up mode. Scents available immediately (well, once the big truck arrives) are:
  1. Vanilla bean for Women:  labeled Wife or Mom (beige wax color)
  2. Cabernet Oak for Men:  labeled Husband or Dad (burgundy wax color)

They are the two at right in the photo above (label options Dad, Mom, Husband, Wife).  The cost is $25 per candle (which is priced right on par with another well known candle company that might begin with Y and be manufactured in a glass jar with a glass lid).   ;)

The candles are in a 22 oz candle in a glass jar with a domed brushed aluminum lid.  Candle orders can be placed online through the Eternal Memory Candle website.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 miles with intervals

Yesterday was a speed work day for me.  I did an easy mile to warm up and then did 100 m sprints followed by 1 minute jogs for the remaining 4 miles.  A few of the sprints I pushed so hard that I did the 1 minute recovery by walking. 

I like how intervals chunk up the run and make the time go faster.  I hate how intervals make me feel like puking afterwards.  That which does not kill me makes me stronger!  Recumbant bike today...

Only a few more work days till the long weekend.  For some odd (wonderful) reason, my company is giving us off Friday AND Monday this year.  WOO HOO!!  With all the rain we have been having, it will just have to be a gorgeous and sunny weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

An interesting night!

Last night I had the unique opportunity of going to a bar makeover for the TV Show Bar Reveal on Spike TV. The show will air sometime in July. They made over Swanky Bubbles in Philadelphia which was an outdated champagne bar.  The remade it into a Vodka bar named Sheer.

Our neighbor has a Mercedes Limo for his work.  He let us use it for the trip into Philly last night.  So 5 women and 3 hubbies headed down to Philly for the night.  The boys dropped us of at the bar and then the men went to dinner and to Penn's Landing. 

Overall, it was a great night.  However, we all agreed we would not go back to the bar.  The food wasn't great, the service was horrendous, and the drinks were overpriced.  It didn't stop us from having a really good night, though.  After the bar, we headed to Geno's for some Philly Cheesesteaks.  Let me tell you...I have not had a Philly Cheesesteak in years.  It tasted soooooooo good!  Sometimes, you just have to cheat on the healthy eating and just enjoy some fat!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lazy slacker blogger

Boy, have I been missing the mark on this blogging thing. To anyone out there who still reads and follow me, I apologize.  Excuses...I have a ton of them..but, I won't bore you with them.

What's new...busy week.  Worked Monday, took 2 days off and escaped to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days of kid bonding and family fun, came back and worked two more crazy days.  Today, I logged 10 miles this morning and have ARL's dance recital this afternoon.  Tonight will be a fun night...more details to follow tomorrow.

Two blog posts in two days...that will be miraculous.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's been a long time since I've done that...

I ran 12 miles this morning. I haven't done that since my last half marathon.  I've been running 10's and have gotten pretty comfortable at that distance.  Not that anyone ever feels great after 10 miles, but you know what I mean.

After my 12 miles, I ate a huge salad for lunch!  I've just been resting all afternoon...being lazy hanging on the couch with the kids and my hubby. 

Happy Lazy Sunday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Running...More accurately!

Long time blog readers know that I run with my iPod and the Nike+ chip. The chip estimates your miles, calories, and pace by calculating from elapsed time based on a calibration (by running a set milelage).  The system is decent, but needs to be recalibrated often.  I usually map my runs using the Nike+ mapping software and use that as my official milelage.

Yesterday I became the proud new owner of this!

Happy Mother's Day to me!  Now I can more accurately gauge my distance, pace, and calories.  Now I can run trails without estimating.  WOO HOO!  The best part is that it if you ever lose the GPS signal, it "back-fills" with the ipod chip measurement.  Technology at it's best. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Been busy...

Another insanely busy week. Work trip to South Beach (Sunday to Wednesday) and huge projects at work. Some exciting news coming soon on the candle business.  Stay tuned!

Haven't run since Sunday...just no free time for anything.  Hopefully, I will get out this weekend!