Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10.6 miles...Finally got the long one in!

The weather this weekend finally cooperated and allowed me to get my long run in.   And when I say cooperated, I am not implying that it warmed up in any way.  I just mean that it didn't snow or sleet on me.  It was still damn cold and windy...but I needed to get 10 in.  It's been far too long.  My legs were so stiff yesterday!  But, I'm kind of a sucker and enjoy that post run stiffness!  Makes me proud of what I accomplished.

I woke up to a lovely snow and ice storm this morning.  What else should I expect...after all, it is January.

A busy week on the books with work.  Keep your fingers crossed on a large proposal for me.  EMC has been woefully neglected given the job that pays the bills, DH's job search, and my grandfather's passing. 

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TV's Take said...

Hope February proves to be a better month for you!