Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm an overachiever...I did 18 miles this morning!

WOO HOO! 18 miles done! I was worried about my training plan calling for 17 this week after how crappy my 15 miler was!

Turns out that I did great on 18 miles! Yes, I was tired. Yes, my legs hurt. But, I made it!

Lessons learned:
1. Overestimate water consumption. I needed more than one bottle per 6 mile loop.
2. Overestimate Shot Blocks...I tried to ration them. I should've taken more than I needed.
3. Have food waiting in car for post run. I was famished until I get home.

Since I finished running, I have been eating non-stop!  I've had a greek yogurt, 2 small sticky buns, a salad topped with steak, corn on the cob, and a slice and 1/2 of pizza.  OMG...that's a lot of food!

And now, I relax and ride out this hurricane by staying indoors, eating some more, and plenty of wine.  The worst is supposed to be from 4am-8am.  I really hope we don't lose power.


Mama Hen said...

Wonderful! You should be so proud! That is quite an acomplishment. I hope you have a great week! We are well after the hurricane. It was frightening! We will not have power for a week, but I am at my mom's checking e-mails and stopping by to say hi. Have a good day!

Mama Hen

TV's Take said...

Congrats again! Your training seems to be going well. Hope you survived the hurricane okay. I think your company idea is excellent as we all bought special angel candles after my brother died. Please feel free to share wtih your fb and twitter friends. All my best!