Monday, January 21, 2013

The best audition ever...

I took ARL for an audition for a movie yesterday.  It was in a person's home so you could see those auditioning in front of you.  Since the morning slots were for child roles, there were also parents there watching/waiting as well.

Two other young ladies auditioned before ARL was up.  With both, the director gave them feedback and asked them to run the lines again.  I assumed that was his "thing"...i.e. provide constructive feedback and see how it is received and applied. 

ARL went up and nailed her first read through of the sides.  The director broke into a huge smile as she was running lines with one of the other actors.  He didn't give her any feedback other than that was really good.  She was auditioning for a minor child's role.  He asked her to read for the lead child's role and this time to face the camera. 

As she was reading for the lead role, I watched his smile keep getting bigger and bigger.  When she finished, the camera man said quietly, "you want her, don't you?" to the director.  The director, camera man, and actor asked if we could give them a minute.  They left the room for a few minutes.  They came back and called ARL and I up to the table to sit down. 

The director said, "I usually don't offer parts on the spot in the middle of auditions...but I was taught that when you see what you want, you don't let them walk away."   He turned to ARL and offered her the LEAD child role.

ARL and I were speechless.  He asked if we would be comfortable with her wearing a wig or dying her hair (her adult version of herself is a brunette).  We said sure.  He then explained a lot more about the film and the film company.  He left us with these parting words..."you know it's right when you get gave me chills".

To be awarded the lead role in the middle of auditions...truly surreal.   So proud of my baby girl!


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