Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Heavy Heart

I wasn't going to run this morning. To be honest, I'm still pretty sore from my race on Sunday and from the soccer game.

After the tragic events of yesterday, I HAD to run this morning. I needed to get out there and run for everyone who no longer can. I needed to think and to try to wrap my head around what happened. I'm particularly upset about the 8 year old who lost his life after hugging his dad who had just finished the race. It makes me think of my 8 year old, and my 11 year old, and my husband, and all the times they come out to the finish line and wait for me. That's my son JL cheering me on in the background of this 10 miler.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those runners, spectators, first responders, doctors, and race organizers right now.

Peace and love.



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