Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Training plans that the decisions been made and pretty much etched in stone (note the addition of 2011 races to the right!!)...Has anyone got any good training plans they absolutely love? I read RW (Runner's World) from January and was going to follow the Hanson Brothers plan. However, my inner voice goes something like this....

"Hmmmm....only three 16 mile runs....I can do that.  If I can run 13, 16 isn't so bad." 

"WTF...why would I only run 16 miles to prepare when a marathon is 26.2.   How do I expect to be able to run 10 more miles on race day.  Yes, I understand only training 8 or 9 when it's a 10 mile race or 11 or 12 when it's a half...but only running 16 miles?  Are you kidding me??"

Not sure which inner voice to listen to?  Advice???

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ShutUpandRun said...

I think that plan works b/c altho the long runs are shorter, the overall weekly mileage is high. That and more marathon pace runs.I know people who have used it sucessfully. But what do I know. I like to create my own, but sometimes use RW Smart Coach.