Monday, January 30, 2012

Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold

As I previously mentioned on this blog, a Montana runner, Sherry Arnold, was abducted on January 7.  Two men have been arrested and admitted to killing her.  I found out about the story from Beth, owner of blog.

I checked Beth's blog obsessively as the story unfolded, cried when I heard that she wasn't coming home, and am still in shock and disbelief over what has happened.  Sherry's story has forever changed the way I run.  We all get lax in our ways when things become comfortable and routine. I now carry a phone with me at all times and let my husband know when I'm leaving, where I am going, and check in with him as soon as I am back.  Beth is organizing a virtual run for Sherry on 2/11/12.  I am rounding up my group of friends and we will all be out there wearing the bib on our morning run.

Running for Sherry...please join us!

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TV's Take said...

What a terrible story. How great that your getting a group together to run.