Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yes, I'm still here.

The holidays had me too busy too post.   I promise I will get better at this stuff.  So what've we been up to you ask (or I imagine you asking)....

The drama queen has been cast in another movie.  Shooting starts next week.  She also is in the Lion King play at a local theater.  Plus, she wants to audition for two other plays.  Toss in chorus, violin and dance and you can see the Hubs and I spend a lot of time driving Ms. Drama Queen.

The "BOY" is playing indoor winter soccer.  He has found his sport and is sticking with it.  He is doing really well in school and is a pretty happy kid (except for 7:30 am on a school day).

Hubby likes his new job and loves his short commute.  Work will be challenging for me this year...but I'm game.  I've got big goals this year at both work and running.  I want to get 26:59 or less in a 5K.  So far I've got just two half marathons on the calendar (May and September).

There you have are now all caught up in my life.

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TV's Take said...

Sounds like a full house!