Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day in the Life...

Shut Up and Run! (a hysterical running blog I read) is doing a day in the life series.   My post will be nowhere near as funny and quite a bit more boring than Beth's...but here it is nonetheless...

First...the assumptions:  It's a week day, kids are in school, and it's a run let's just go with Tuesday this week!

6:45 am - roll out of bed, right after hubby leaves
7:00 - cup of coffee in hand, pound out responses to the overwhelming number of emails I received last night (my company is global, so you always wake up to emails from the colleagues overseas)
7:30 - wake the kiddos, prepare self for the onslaught of whining about to occur
7:30-8:30 - deal with kids, breakfast, bus routine, all while working on those emails from overnight. Can you say multitask?
8:30 - kids out the door, I head out for 6 miles.  This will be the most enjoyable part of my day.  Cut run short at 5 miles because I'm freaking out about not having enough time to get to the client.
9:30 - home, shower, head out to client.  Eat Protein Bar in the car for breakfast.
10:30-4:00 - client meetings, project statuses, introductory lunch, conference calls...all the fun stuff that goes with work
5 pm home - prep dinner, discuss school with kids, drive daughter to play date
6 - eat dinner; London Broil, Grilled Zucchini, brown rice, and green beans, clean up; run dishwasher
7 - Start on a Forecast for my big client that is due at 9 PM EST.  Why do I procrastinate?  Play with Excel for at least an hour, get frustrated, ask hubs to help figure it out.
8 - Hubs finally figured forecast/excel are moving in the direction of getting close to getting ready for bed
8:30 - Forecast submitted... YAY...1/2 hour early!  Pour glass of wine to celebrate (second favorite part of the day), tuck kids in, turn on TV (either Food Network or HGTV)
9 - Watch Kate Gosselin get paid $250K for one episode where she takes her kids to Bald Head.  Wish I could get paid $250K for taking a vacation.
10 - Flip to news...even more depressing than Kate getting paid for vacation.
11 - sleep

That's it...told you it wouldn't be as funny as Beth's!


Andrew Opala said...

funnier than Shut Up and Run!

London Broil! yummy

ShutUpandRun said...

It would only be as funny as mine if you talked about how many dumps you took, but I don't think you're that crude or gross. I loved reading about your day!! Especially the parts where you have coffee and wine b/c I do too. Everyday. And yes, Kate is way overpaid for doing a bunch of nothing. Your day is worth way more than 250K. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of YOU!!

Anna Walker said...

I love this! You're schedule is crazy in the morning!