Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm done.

I finished my last training run today. Next time I will be running is when I cross the starting mat (about 8:15 or so) on Sunday morning....9/19.  The day my Dad would have turned 67.

This one is all for my Dad...He fought his cancer with such bravery and courage.  It's only fitting that I do my longest race on his birthday in memory and in honor of him!!  Two years ago, I couldn't run a mile.  Running never even crossed my mind.  After losing him, it became my alone time, my comfort, my solace, and my escape. 

Love you and miss you, Dad!  Watch for some balloons headed your way after I cross that finish line!


Christine said...

GO ANDREA!!!! Best of luck to you. :o)

Anna Walker said...

Good For You! That is such a tough thing to do and you're so strong! :) Have a GREAT run!

Jinnia Low said...

How special the day you've been training for has come - and it's the same day as your dad's birthday. How incredible is that? What a great motivator to run in memory and honor of him! Go Andrea!