Tuesday, September 27, 2011

19 miles DONE...one more long run to go!

This weekend I did the first of my two 20 milers. I only made it 19 miles...but I think that was good enough! It was so stinking humid that I'm sure that accounts for something!

After the run, I hopped in an ice bath!  Delightful...

I don't know if I enjoyed my greek yogurt with granola, raisins, and banana or the ice bath more.  They were both wonderful after those hard miles.  Thanks to Keri @ Blue Eyed Runner for inspiring me to try an ice bath!

I recovered really quick after those 19 miles and actually did a 5 miler today.  Quite a difference in recovery times from the 1/2 marathon where it took me till Thursday to run again. 

My training plan calls for 15 miles on Saturday and the forecast is a high of 64.  15 miles will seem like a walk in the park compared to 19 in high humidity!!  After this weekend, I have one more 20 miler and then the taper begins.  So exciting!


Keri said...

Thanks for the shout out and no problem :) Hope it helped!!!!!

TV's Take said...

Love the picture! Keep up the great work