Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School!

Yesterday was the first day back to school for the kiddos!  Both were happy with their teachers and the numerous friends in their class.  I was happy to push them out the door and get my quiet house back!  Of course, the quiet only lasted till 4 when they busted back in, hit the pantry for a snack, and deposited all the paper work on the island for me to fill out.  So much MOM homework on Day 1!!

It rained all day yesterday and looks to be another rainy day again today.  I guess it goes with my mood...dreary!  Here's hoping for some sunshine so I can get back to running.

You might already know this...but I've got a marathon I'm training for.   HA HA! 

Seems like these big runs become your life!  Your schedule revolves around your long runs, you meal plan around your runs (pasta on friday nights to carb load for Saturday AM), you even do laundry around your run schedule.  You must wear your best, most comfortable shorts on the long runs to minimize chafing...shorter runs I can wear the crappier shorts because, after all, I'm only going 5 miles.

See...I can't even write one post without it coming back to running.  This was supposed to be about the first day of school. 

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