Wednesday, September 14, 2011


After my 18-miler on Sunday, I noticed some pain on the back of my left knee.  The pain started spreading up the hamstrings to the glutes and hip.  I took Monday off and rested.  Yesterday (Tuesday), I rode the bike, did arms, and abs, and then tried to do my walking lunges.  The walking lunges were left hip completely caved.  I immediately called my PT and he got me in yesterday afternoon.

After much testing, he determined I pulled my left hammie.  His recovery plan includes rest, ultrasound, electronic stim, taping, and stretching.  No running.  I go back for more treatments on Thursday and Friday.  He took such good care of me...I felt like a professional athlete!  HA HA! 

This is not where I wanted to be just before my half marathon on Sunday...but with any luck, the hammie will heal and I will be ready for the start on Sunday morning.  Overall, I hope this is just a blip in my full marathon training schedule.  I still have two more 20 milers left to run before the full on 10/30.

Once I complete my full marathon, I am done with the long runs.  It's just too hard on my body!

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