Tuesday, February 23, 2010

OMG....I'm O-L-D!

Those that know me know that I've been resisting Facebook for a long time.  It's one more thing to keep up with....I've got the hubby, daughter, & son and all their schedules.  I work full time in a sales position with multiple clients, I run (sometimes alot, sometimes a little) and am training for a half marathon, I wrote a business plan and am trying out the entrepreunerial thing, I volunteer for lung cancer, I've got the blog, 3 email accounts, and 2 voicemail accounts.  I just can't keep up with another "THING".  I'm exhausted enough already.

Hubby is on facebook.  He told me he got a friend request from my Mom.  OMG...when did my mother get on facebook?? 

***Special note to Mom since I know you read my Blog....Holy crap Mom...you're making me feel old.  But, kudos to you for embracing technology, befriending my husband on facebook, and keeping up with my blog.  As ARL would say..."You Rock, Peace Out!" 

and then she would say, "Mom, you're embarassing me".

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Christine said...

YOU MUST get on Facebook -PERIOD- THE END! ;o)