Friday, October 1, 2010

Busy weekend ahead!

My poor neglected blog. I have been so freakin' busy this week that I don't have time for it anymore.

I've been enjoying "casual" runs setting of the alarm, no being forced to go X miles at Y pace.  Just getting out and running for fun.  I did 8 miles on Saturday, 4 miles on Monday and 6 miles on Wednesday.  I'll get a quick run in tonight before we head to our friend's house for dinner.

I keep making progress on the biz...had a logo design meeting this week with a graphic artist and my webpage designer. 

Kiddos are good...ARL was picked to be Spot in 101 Dalmatians and JAL won his first soccer game last weekend.  2 soccer games this weekend, company picnic in NJ, dinner with my sister, drama practice, and a long run (10+ miles) all in store.  

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