Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New sneaks, shot blocks, and one more training run....

I've been having some minor pain in my right arch lately. I really should learn to listen to my body...when the arch starts hurtin', it's time for new sneaks. I went to Fleet Feet (the best running store ever) and got a new pair of my favorites...Brooks Adrenaline. I took them out for a spin on the sidewalk and the difference is amazing...NO ARCH PAIN!

I also picked up some shot blocks in orange.  I'm going to do two things differently for this 1/2 marathon (not counting the new sneaks)...

-I'm going to hydrate with electrolytes from the start (previous 1/2 marathon I didn't start until the 1/2 way point)
-I'm going to do shot blocks at the 1/2 way point

I'm hoping these two things will help prevent the side stitch and quad cramp I got last time.  Funny thing though...I never had a quad cramp or a side stitch in my training runs prior to the 1/2 (or in my trainng runs since, for that matter).  Think its mental?

12 or 13 this weekend and then the taper begins.


Andrew Opala said...

good luck - what's a shot block?

TV's Take said...

Sounds like a great plan Andrea. I definitely need new sneaks....too many foot/back related problems lately.

Andrea said...


Shot Blocks are made by the folks who make Cliff Bars. They are little blocks of electrolyte that taste like gummy bears.

I find them much more tolerable than GUs.