Friday, October 8, 2010

12 miles tomorrow morning

Tomorrow AM, I will be running the first of my long runs in preparation for the OktoberFest 1/2 marathon. I'm kinda a geek, but the clothes are already laid out in the bathroom (so I don't disturb sleeping hubby while getting ready), the alarm is set (and double checked), and the ipod and breakfast area all ready for me.

I'll start at 6:30 and be done by 8:40.  I can't wait!  I still am surprised I'm doing another 1/2 marathon (especially so quickly after the last one).  In 12 hours from now, I'll be a sweaty & exhausted, but smiling nonetheless.

Have a great weekend and good luck to all who are racing!


Andrew Opala said...

I'm so nervous for you good luck!

Here's my layout of my clothes from a couple of weeks ago.

Andrew Opala said...

I'm actually running a 10K in a weeks time.