Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another week...busy, busy, busy....

Lots going on again (what else is new)....quick summary to keep everyone up to speed....

  •  Running:  I did 12.4 last Saturday including conquering Shawmont!  For those non-locals, Shawmont Ave is a 300' vertical climb that is 1 mile long.  It's considered a rite of passage around here...I did it on my first try (without walking) and then proceeded to run another 10 miles after that.  I won't lie...I was sore on Sunday.  I ran another 6 on Tuesday (my fastest 6 miles ever) and will go 3 more tomorrow.  I will probably do one more long run (10 miles) before the 1/2 marathon I'm doing on Halloween morning.
  • Family:  Kiddos are good.  Hubby is good.  All our healthy and happy which is the way I like it!  ARL got a new part in the play...She's now Patch (instead of Spot) and picked up some more lines.  JAL is really doing well in soccer...they are on a winning streak!  
  • Work:  BUSY!  But, busy is good!  I'm picking up some new clients and absolutely adore my new boss.  He's a great leader and truly believes in growing his people.  No, he doesn't read my I'm not kissing up!  
  • Entrepreneurial Venture:  Website is a work in progress.  Logo is finalized (see previous post), prototypes are being made and will begin retailer solicitation soon.  I love that my new business now gets mail!  It makes me smile every day when I see mail in the mailbox addressed to EMC!  I guess someone figured out how to buy LLC and EIN records!  They must be public domain somewhere!

All for now...I've got a proposal to write before we go out in the hot tub!

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Mama Hen said...

You are a busy mama! That is great that you are getting more clients and that you like what you are doing! Good luck with your venture! Have a great night!

Mama Hen