Saturday, March 26, 2011

Since 2:10 today....

I have been alone in my house. It's delightfully quiet. These last two hours have been wonderful....

I worked out.  I showered.  No one interrupted me.  I even got to shave my legs!  The only noise was the peaceful sound of the water.  No TV, music, or yelling.

I began my prep work for dinner.  Our neighbors are coming tonight.  I cut fresh herbs, chopped veggies, and set up all my serving platters. 

Now, I'm blogging.  I'm sitting in my quiet office catching up on reading my favorite blogs. 

It's been so nice.  Just what I needed to recharge.  Did I mention how blissfully quiet it is? 

Who knew alone time could be so great??  

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TV's Take said...

Good for you! I lived alone for a few years in my 20's and remember how much I liked my solitude. I still do but get it rarely. So glad you had a moment to recharge. Thanks for stopping by