Monday, March 7, 2011

So proud of my kiddos....

Today was truly a great day.
JAL was recommended for the gifted program.  His testing wrapped up last month and we've been anxiously been awaiting the results.  We are all so proud.  He was smiling ear to ear tonight! 

ARL went on her first "real" audition tonight.  She has auditioned for parts before....but these were all in theater schools. This was a real audition in a real theater.  She had to sing and read lines for Guys and Dolls.  I give her so much credit for getting up there in front of 31 other people who were trying out.  It takes bravery and courage! 

I keep telling her what I keep telling myself about my upcoming marathon...

"Don't congratulate me on finishing....Congratulate me for having the courage to start!"

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