Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday...a day of rest!

Yesterday, I ran a 15 miler...a step back week according to my training calendar.  I'm still wondering when "only 15 miles" became part of my vocabulary.  The good news is I seem to be handling these runs much better.  Recovery is pretty quick...It's only the first few hours post run where I feel like crap.

I come home and immediately eat.  Then I shower.  Then my wonderful husband spends time rubbing out my legs (mostly hammies and calves).  By the end of his massage, I feel like I'm becoming a real person again.  Then, I typically eat again.  Last night I woke up at 1:09 and was famished.  Apparently, I didn't eat enough after those miles yesterday.

I is Sunday.  Historially, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  I think I will take that literally today.  No exercise.  Sit back, relax and watch some football.  Dinner is already cooking (I LOVE crock pots)!   All soccer cancelled due to rain.  I think it's a sign...relax and enjoy the day!

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