Thursday, January 7, 2010

UGH...when will this cold snap go away??

The weather is driving me crazy.  I hadn't run since New Years Day; I just kept pushing it off hoping it will be warmer and less windy the next day.  Today, I finally bit the bullet and ran.  It was downright cold and very windy.  Not enjoyable at all. 

I found out today that a local running store near me does 8 am Saturday morning runs.  She said the group is about 8-20 folks and the paces are 9-12 minute miles.  They run either a 3 mile or 5 mile route.  I'll be joining them for the first time this week (weather permitting).  Check out their website at:

Not much on the weekend plans.  My daughter has a kid party on Saturday and we'll be watching the Eagles eliminate the Cowboys on Saturday night!   GO EAGLES!

Happy weekend to all!


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