Thursday, December 16, 2010's what's for (Christmas) dinner!

Quick apology to all the vegetarians/animal activists out there...

Traditionally, we have turkey every year on Christmas.  There's nothing wrong with turkey...I just wanted to change up the menu a bit this year.  I was inspired by friend Danielle who really knows how to throw a party.  Soooo, I went a "googling" and found this recipe.

First, know that I love Guy Fieri!  I could watch Triple D for hours straight (and gain 5 lbs while doing so because I keep hitting the fridge).

Second, any recipe that has 63 Five Star Reviews has to be unbelievable.  People are so critical these days.  For not one person to give it less than 5 stars...well that's just impressive!

I ordered the hunk of beef from our local butcher.  I knew it was going to be pricey, but $301 later, I was still shell shocked.  Despite the price, isn't it gorgeous?

The roast was a bit bigger than we needed.  It was 21 lbs and we only needed 14 lbs.  So, I got out our super big, extra sharp (watch your fingers) Henckel and cut off 1/3 of it.  The knife carved through it effortlessly!

Step One of Guy's recipe is to wash, pat dry, and wrap in 3 layers of chessecloth.  Here's our baby after Step One:

Off to the refrigerator for night one of dry aging.   Tonight, We'll remove the cheesecloth and re-wrap with a fresh piece.  Then it goes back in the fridge to sit undisturbed for 9 more days of dry aging.

I'm so excited for my Christmas roast....almost as excited as the kids are about their presents.  Family who reads this blog...I hope your mouth is watering with anticipation!


ShutUpandRun said...

That is going to be one killer roast. Nine more days of aging??? Yum. I'm not family, but my mouth is watering.

TV's Take said...

Looks amazing. We do Paul Deans Standing Rib Roast each Xmas day. If you are looking for another amazing recipe, check that one out too.