Friday, December 24, 2010

A not so merry Christmas...

I will try my best to be joyous, but it's gonna be tough...

I'm sick...can't breathe out of my nose, ears constantly popping, annoying cough...yeah, it's fun.

My hubby lost his job.  They told him on 12/21.  12/20 was his birthday....At least they didn't ruin his birthday.

The sump pump froze yesterday, the oven broke today (and I'm hosting Christmas tomorrow...see the Beef post!)  Can't wait to see the emergency repair bill for the oven.

Lovely.  Hoping everyone else has a great day!

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ShutUpandRun said...

Cheers. I'm sick too and my husband lost his job. Obviously we need to start a support group. I don't have a sump pump, tho.

Really sorry to hear all of this. Hang in there. The beef will be awesome.