Sunday, July 3, 2011

Progress...on many fronts!

Wow..what a weekend of progress...

First...I ran .5 miles at PT on Thursday.  I attempted .5 miles again on Friday with some minor pain.  I had planned on going a mile...but chickened out at the first glimpse of pain.  Today, I ran 2 miles.  I buckled down when I felt the weakness and ran through it.  I was trying to concentrate on what I was doing in terms of foot placement and knee bending that would trigger the pain.   I had 3 separate instances of pain.  I still have not figured it out.  I am just hoping that the strengthening and stretching I am doing is helping the other muscles surrounding the knee. baby chug-a-lug-bug, my stinker...whatever we call him...he finally mastered riding his bike.  We are all so proud! 

Finally, we redecorated the kids bathroom.  It was time for the fish theme to go...they are nearly 10 and 7 now.  Time for a more grown up bath.  I have to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with how it came out.  We didn't repaint...I still liked the powder blue and it went with the new theme.  I know light blue and brown were "2009", but I don't care.  I love the clean simple lines and the uncluttered feel.  Simplicity really brings me peace.  It all came from Bed, Bath and Beyond and we spent just under $200 to complete the makeover.  The kids love it, too!  I just hope they are inspired to keep it neat and clean (at least for a month or two).  For those random folks reading the blog who don't know me, "A" & "J" on the towels are my kids initials and the "L" on the floor mat is the initial of our last name. 

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