Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another beautiful run...

Headed out to get 3 in this morning before my Mom left to head back home. She was helping out with kid watching for the first part of the week due to the strike.  ARL had a blast with her and my sister...they went out for sushi, went shopping, and went to see my grandfather (who will be 91 in a few weeks). 

I am working from home with ARL.  JAL is at daycare because we all know I get nothing done when he's home.  I am looking forward to tomorrow...It's take your child to work day!  ARL is coming to Bridgewater (my home office) with me for the day!  She always enjoys these days and the timing couldn't be better with the strike!

The laundry room project is in design phase.  Our contractor hopes to build it this weekend and install next week.  I cannot wait!  I hate the backpacks, violin, laptop bags, etc. all over the floor.  I am not good with disorganization!  It breeds stress for me!

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