Thursday, April 29, 2010

Still missing and loving him.

Two years ago today, I lost my Dad.  He was an incredible Father, Husband, Pop Pop and Friend.  I have so many wonderful memories that I hold onto... 

  • Taking a bath in Aveeno when I had the chicken pocks in kindergarten (I refused to do it for my Mom and would only do it for him).
  • Whenever I was sick, he would make me the best poached eggs.
  • When I was in 4th grade, I hit a tree with our snowmobile.  He wasn't the least bit upset that I crashed it...he just wanted to get me to to the hospital to get my arm casted.  He never once said anything about my driving or complained about the damage I had done.
  • Building a mousetrap car with him for a 7th grade project (wonder where that is??).  We were both so proud of our car and that it went 36 feet (enough for an A).
  • Teaching me how to drive (and the fact that when he took me for the drivers test he knew the was an old Army buddy!!  Can you say PASSED?!).  Buying my first car together...Loved that Red Chevy Cavalier!
  • Walking me down the aisle, dancing to butterfly kisses....
  • The weeks of maternity leave we spent together....we did so much with those kids!!  Gymboree and out to lunch, Cabela's, the zoo, parks and playgrounds, etc.  I couldn't have survived those weeks without him. 
  • So many home projects...far too many to list.  What stands out most was his patience.  I swore I would never do crown molding or any kind of trim work again.  He was so patient up and down the ladder until it was absolutely perfect.  Yup, that's my Dad...a true perfectionist in anything he put his mind too.  If you walk through our house, you'll find him in every room...either something he built, painted, fixed, hung or even just a favorite picture. 
I miss you, Dad. I love you, Dad...more than you could ever know. Thanks for 33 wonderful years with you.  I hope know that you live on in me and the kids.  I can only hope to leave the legacy that you have left.  I can only hope to have the grace, dignity, and courage you had when it is my time.  You are truly "a hero to this little girl".  Watch for some balloons headed your way tonight...

With that, I am wiping away the tears now and getting on with my day.  We will be having mountain pies over a fire for dinner tonight.  My Dad loved mountain pies and camp fires.  Oh yeah, Boston Cream donuts for dessert, too! 

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