Friday, April 2, 2010

7 miles to kick off Easter weekend!

I'm so ready for the weekend....Gorgeous weather and a trip to Baltimore/DC.  The cherry blossoms are blooming and we will be exploring DC in shorts!

I ran a new course this morning that my neighbor told me about.  It's 6.1 door to door so I added a small loop in the neighborhood to get me to 7 miles.  Felt great!!  Time was 1:17.  Not great, but not too bad, either.  Four minutes faster than my last 7 mile run!

Off for the weekend...Everyone have a great holiday and don't eat too much candy!

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David Yingling said...

Enjoy the weekend! I am sure D.C. will be beautiful! And nice job on the run! The times are coming down and pretty soon you will crack 1 hour!