Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a little update...

A busy weekend for sure!  2 shows down...2 more to go!  So far (knock wood) they have gone great.  ARL is having a blast and can't wait to do this again in the fall.  She has decided to give up soccer to focus on the performing arts...Theater, Dance, and Music!

We've decided to tackle a few home projects.  We are updating the kids rooms to give them more age appropriate rooms.  For example, we got rid of JAL's Blue's Clues Thinking Chair (will be up on Craig's List soon) and replaced it with a cool baseball bean bag chair that he loves.  We are also installing a closet organizer in his room.  I think JAL has more clothes than anyone else in the family!

I think spring has sprung me into an organizational cleaning frenzy!   We are also updating our laundry room and building "lockers".  Not exactly like this picture, but you'll get the idea:

I cannot wait for this project to be finished.  I am so sick of the backpacks,laptop bags, dance bag, violin, soccer cleats, etc. just sitting on the floor wherever they are dropped!  Also, I have a big and curtains to clean, cupboards to empty and wipe down, cars to wax, and granite to be sealed.  Nothing like spring to get me cleaning!

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