Sunday, May 23, 2010

Been busy battling the whooping cough

Sorry for the lack of's been a rough week. ARL has the whooping cough that's going around her school and our bus. She's on antibiotics and so are the rest of us (preventive due to our exposure to her).  The test they had to do to confirm the disease is horrible. 

I haven't done much in the last week other than work, try to sleep (but it is tough with a kid hacking up a lung), and clean up.  I can't wait until she is better an can go back to school.

Here are some recital true ARL fashion knocked 'em dead.  She is quite the performer.  She and her friend Emma (first on left) got to open up the recital by doing the opening Welcome. 

For the second year, ARL and Mike performed in the father-daughter dance.  I give hubby so much credit for having the guts to get up on stage and dance in front of a whole auditorium.  They looked fabulous and did great.

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