Sunday, May 2, 2010

I did it!!!!!!

I did it! I ran 10 miles this morning. HOLY CRAP! This from the girl who used to strategize ways to get out of running "the mile" in high school gym class.

Here I am with Barb (left) and Lisa (right) prior to the race.  Notice we are smiling, happy, and excited!

I had 3 goals for the race today.  Disappointingly, I only accomplished two of them.  My goals were:

  1. Run the whole race (no walking)
  2. Finish in the top 20,000 (out of 30,000 registrants); i.e. the top 2/3
  3. Finish in under 1:45
I ran the whole race and I finished in 18,573rd place.  YAY ME! 

Sadly, I couldn't break 1:45.  I came in at 1:51.  I know I shouldn't be disappointed in myself; I just ran 10 freakin' miles.  There was nothing I could do about the heat and humidity.  I hadn't trained in that type of weather and I wasn't prepared for it.  The sun totally kicked my butt around mile 7.  Despite all the runs through the fire hydrants and multiple cups of water over my head and down my shirt, I was slowing down.  The last 3 miles were horrible.   I'm still incredibly proud of myself.  :)

Here I am after the race with my most wonderful husband.  He drove me (and my friends) to the start line, drove to the finish and got a prime parking spot, and chauffeured our tired butts back home!  Love you honey...thanks for supporting me!

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