Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain, Rain...GO AWAY!

Ugh...this weather is downright depressing.  Looking forward to the next few days of SUN!  I heard 80 on Saturday...what gorgeous weather to explore DC!!

I had a great day at work today....several proposal requests!  Tomorrow is a pretty important client lunch and Thursday is a full day of training that we are providing to one of my clients.  I have a few big days/deliverables to get through before I can relax on Easter break. 

I hope to get a 4 mile run in tomorrow and another 7 mile in on Friday before we leave for DC.  Broad Street is just a few weeks away...so I definitely need to start adding miles soon!

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David Yingling said...

We only have to make it through a few more hours and then the sun will be shining bright! Sounds like a great way to end the week with a nice long run and a trip to D.C. Make sure you check out the International Spy Museum while you are there!!!