Saturday, April 9, 2011

10 mile race tomorrow!

We had a great night in last night. The dreary, rainy night weather made it even better to get into our PJs and spend family night in!  I made an ultra healthy dinner...Salmon over spring mix topped with cucumber dill dressing!

After dinner, we played Mario Kart, wii Fit, wii Sports, and wii Play.  It was really nice to just hang with the family.  Today we got up went out to breakfast, picked up my race bib for tomorrow, ordered JAL's Phillies cake for his 7th birthday, and took ARL to a voice lesson. 

Tomorrow at 9am I'll be racing in the Hatfield Five and Dime Race.  It's a 5 mile course that you can run twice if you want.  Since I didn't get into the Broad Street Run, this is my spring 10 miler!  My goal is simple (but actually quite hard)....shave 10 minutes off last year's Broad Street run.  That puts my goal at a 1:41. 

Wish me luck!

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Detroit Runner(Jeff) said...

Good luck! You'll do fine!