Sunday, April 3, 2011

10.2 on this beautiful Sunday!

Thank god for friends.  I totally did not want to run today.  We went to church this morning and saw ALR acolyte.  She did great.  As soon as we got home, I spent the next hour rationalizing why I didn't want to do my long run.  I ate lunch and promptly placed my butt on the couch to watch trash on television. 

I finally motivated myself to go out and do just 6 miles.  I had originally planned on 11 today.  Don't forget...I'm racing 10 miles next weekend.  I did 6 miles in 1 hour 23 seconds (just 24 seconds slower than my goal).  I blame the strong head winds. 

As I was coming back, I ran into my friend Lisa heading out for 4.  Why not join her and get my 10 in?  I had 2 shot blocks, a quick gulp of water, and off we went.  The stats:

10.2 miles
1 hour 45 minutes
1,016 calories burned

After the run, she came over with a bottle of chard.  I made huge taco salads with avocado, tomato, chick peas, and ground turkey with taco seasoning.  It was the perfect post run dinner.  We then polished off the rest of the drunken goat cheese from whole foods and the bottle of wine.  My kind of night...good food, good wine, good friendship.
Happy weekend!

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