Sunday, April 17, 2011

A slow 10 miler yesterday

Last week...10 miles=1:39:57
This week...10 miles=1:55:45

What a difference a week makes. 

I ran 10 with my friend Jeff yesterday.  I think I was slower for several reasons:
  • We talked the whole time (which clearly slows me down). 
  • We did some trails which also slow me down due to rocks.  You might remember, I'm known for falling
  • We also stopped for traffic (don't get that on a closed race course) and this run had some hills.
  • Finally, wind.  Strong wind. 
Am I making betcha.  I still enjoyed my 10 miles even though it wasn't the wonderful PR I had last weekend.  The bonus is that today I can come down steps without grabbing on to the railing for dear life. 

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TV's Take said...

Running with a friend has to be better for the most part than running alone. Makes it go faster. Have a great Easter weekend and fun celebrating your son's bday