Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Didn't win...but still had fun!

We're back from our little break in AC.  We ate well, drank well, and had fun.  Overall, we lost $60 in the casino...but they comped us 2 free nights and free comedy club tix.  $60 is not a bad donation for all that!  We escaped from the Borgata for a few hours and spent some time at the outlets in AC.  I scored some pretty good deals!  Mike and I had dinner at Tun Tavern (where the Marines were founded) so that was a neat place for us to visit. 

If I can use this public blog to vent for a minute...

If you are sitting down in a theater that is less than 1/2 full, please don't sit directly next to the person.  Skip a seat and let's all have a little personal space.  If you are over 300 pounds and have to back into your seat, this really underscores the need for the skip-a-seat rule.  Finally, if you are over 300 pounds and sweating profusely, please, please, please do not sit next to me with your hand resting on the back of your neck giving me full view (and smell) of your pits.  GROSS.

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