Monday, March 8, 2010

What a waste of a day.

So... I am at my main client today when something weird starts happening to my PC.  A product called "Virus Protector" comes up and informs me that I have 21 viruses and that my entire contact list is being spammed by my PC.  I thought it was odd because my company uses McAfee and because the "Virus Protector" software needed my credit card immediately to update my settings and re-instate protection.

I have spent the ENTIRE afternoon on the phone with tech support.  They are being incredibly helpful and actually saved me from driving to the home office.  But, what a total and complete waste of my afternoon.

In other events, I did get a run in today in the beautiful weather.  I went 3 miles.  I'll probably do my long run on Wednesday or Thursday this week so that I can do a short run with hubby who is joining me for the Saturday morning festivities at Fleet Feet!  If you are runner, you should definitely come to Fleet Feet (near Whole Foods) this Saturday morning at 8 am.  Free tech weave t-shirts to the first 50 who show up, Brooks gear scavenger hunt on the running trail, raffles, pot of gold prize bucket (value over $350), pancakes for breakfast, etc.  It is going to be quite the event!  

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