Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not so fast, Chickie!

I've been suspecting that my Nike + sensor has been slightly miscalibrated.  Last time I ran with fleet feet, they said we did 5 miles and my iPod told me we did 5 1/2.  Not wanting to continue to be inaccurate, I took the time to re-calibrate the morning.  I'm not pleased.

My distance and run times were off....Way off.  I was closer to a 12 minute mile today.  I suck even worse than I thought I did.  3 miles, 34 minutes.  Depressing.

In other news, the microwave broke this morning.  I am realizing it is really hard to live without it.  The repair guy comes tomorrow...luckily, it is some magnatron tube that is covered under warranty.  I just need to pay labor.

The kids are finally back to school.  JAL really threw a fit this morning that his whole body hurt and I didn't give him enough rest.  When I mentioned he couldn't go to the Planetarium with Daddy tonight, he somehow managed a miraculous recovery!

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Danielle said...

It's not depressing! Your butt is out there movin' which is more than I can say for most! Keep goin'!!