Monday, July 12, 2010

Marvelous Monday! there is nothing really THAT Marvelous about today, but I thought it was a title that might inspire you to read the post.  It is a beautiful day here in the suburbs of Philadelphia...and here are a few things that I'm happy or smiling about today:
  1. I am going out to dinner with my family tonight to celebrate my kids' outstanding report cards.  I have two smart kids and I don't have to cook...that makes me happy!
  2. Tonight is night 4 of my son's 2-week private swim lessons...his miracle teacher (Ms. Kelly) has managed to get him to swim 5 feet without flotation in just 3 lessons.  LOVE HER!
  3. My boss resigned a few weeks ago (bad...not smiling about this one) and I was a bit nervous about the transition at my largest client.  Meetings are going well and the client is accepting the new principal on the account with open arms.  YEAH...less stress in my life!
  4. Today is Monday...for those reading my blog regularly, you know that means that Monday is a rest day in my 1/2 marathon training schedule.  That means no running or exercise of any kind today.  That really makes me smile!

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