Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My amazing fishing trip!

So...I have been promising pictures of my incredible experience deep sea fishing last week.

I was out fishing on a party boat off of Cape May, NJ on Thursday when a large animal jumped 5 feet from the side of our boat while we were cruising. We were amazed. My friend thought it was a shark and we were all thankful he (it) fell back in the water and not onto the boat!!

The animal continued to thrash and jump in our wake as we continued to our next fishing spot. I hoped I got him in all the pics I was snapping. The mate told us what we were seeing was actually a whale!  I was so excited...people pay big money for whale watching cruises and here we are getting a free show!

We stopped shortly thereafter and dropped lines. This particularly friendly and curious whale came back and continued to circle the boat the whole time we were fishing. I got some incredible shots. The mate said he had never seen a whale do this. He actually was swimming so close he brushed our lines.  See how close he is in the second and third can see the fishing pole & line and the top of his white fins in the second picture and the side of the boat and the top of his body in the third picture.  AMAZING!

I sent my pics off to a website for identification and it turns out we were entertained by a humpback whale!  What an awesome experience!  Made the whole day completely worthwhile despite the fact that I didn't catch any keepers!


Mama Hen said...

Andrea these pictures are amazing! What a neat experience! Thank you for your comment. I just want to feel healthy again! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

TV's Take said...

WOW! That is amazing! What a neat experience, and how rare to have gotten such great photos.