Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week 6 down...8 to go!

WOW...almost 1/2 way through this training program. Who knew I could do this?

Tuesday-5.1 miles, 51'33"
Wednesday-7 miles, 1:11, 8X100m striders at end, climbed Cape May lighthouse later that day...oy vay...did that hurt!  My legs shook afterwards!
Thursday-supposed to cross train, skipped this due to being out on party boat deep see fishing
Saturday-9 miles, 1:48 (105-110 heat index)
Sunday-2.7 miles, 30 minutes

I know...I still owe you guys pics from my fishing trip.  I will get to them soon...I promise.  Here's a hint...I had to send my pictures to a website for confirmation on what we saw!!

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TV's Take said...

Good Job Andrea! Keep up the good work. Just gave you an award....