Monday, June 6, 2011

Awesome weekend...Part 2!

As if Saturday's phenomenal dinner party wasn't enough, Sunday was another GREAT day!

I met Nydia Han (Consumer Reporter and Weekend Anchor, Channel 6 news) at a fundraiser event for Lung Cancer.  She lost her Mom around the same time I lost my Dad.  She's the sweetest little thing (and I mean little) you'll ever meet.  She was so incredibly kind and genuine.  She invited our family down to tour the news station and to watch her anchor the news.  It was incredible.  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

The kids with Chris Sowers the weather man:
We had so much fun playing around on the green screen.  Check out my daughter's scarf and see how it just disappears!  It's like she wasn't even wearing it.  I also love how the writing "overwrites" my Mom's green checked top.

I told you Nydia is little!!  I'm 5'3" and I look like a GIANT next to her.  Don't let her small size fool you...she has a big heart!  Thank you NYDIA for an incredible day we will never forget!

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TV's Take said...

How fun! I now know why you refused to be ill. She is tiny, considering your only 5'3. Looks like a GREAT day.