Sunday, June 5, 2011

One Incredible dinner...

Last night we took my in-laws to Talula's Table to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.  Talula's is an incredibly popular farmhouse style restaurant.  This means that there is one table that seats 8-12 people.  The restaurant is yours from 7-11pm.  The menu is fixed and includes 8 amazing courses for a fixed price of $130 per person (including gratuity, corkage, etc.).

I've done blog posts before journeying through my dining experiences.  Last night's meal was unbelievable.  But first, let's start with a toast to the happy couple that produced my wonderful husband!

So, grab your phone, call one year in advance to the day at 7 am exactly and make your reservation.  Start assembling your crew of 8-10 friends to join you.  Here's our happy group:

Let the eating begin:

Fava Bean Custard, Lousiana Crawfish, Local Watercress, and Sauce Nantua

Spring Potato Soup, Abalone Frites, Wild Fennel, and Green Garlic Toast

Morel Risotto, Sweet Peas, Charred Ramps, and Fresh Pennsylvania Goat Cheese

King Salmon, Petite Rye Kugel, Smoked Sour Cream and Pickled Egg

Roasted Boar Loin, Rhubarb Glaze, Asparagus and Bacon Lardons

Lamb Baklava, Swarmbustin Honey Glazed Turnips and Gold Beets and Nettle Puree

Spring Picnic....Artisan Cheese Collection, Candied Nuts, Berries, Talula's Sausage and Mustard

Steamed Lemon Pudding Cake, Rhubarb Sorbet, and Lavender Anglaise

Yes...we ate it all.  The portion sizes were great so you did not walk away feeling stuffed.  And finally, me and my happy hubby!

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