Saturday, June 18, 2011

Uh oh...knee pain!

I had to cut my 12 mile run short today.  I made it 7.2. 

Around mile 7, when my right foot landed, it felt like my knee locked.   I was cruising along just fine, then the knee locked, and I felt pain behind the knee cap. I walked for a while.  I was able to run again, but the pain got pretty bad so I walked the rest of the way back.

This happened to me last week while I was out with my husband on a 4 mile run.  I walked it off with him and we finished strong.  There was no strong finish today.  It hurts to go up and down steps.  Walking is OK.  It does not hurt just to swing the knee while sitting.

Runners...what's your prognosis?  I iced it after the run.  I'm supposed to do a 5K on Wednesday night.


Goose said...

Does that sound fitting?

Andrea said...

Yes, it seems like that coudld be it! Thanks, Goose! The one sentence that struck me was "the sense that your knee is going to give out". I definitely felt that today.

I already wear Super feet (orthotics) in my shoes. My shoes are new (less than 20 miles on them). I guess I just need to do some stretches, strengthen my quads, and take some time off (groan).

Anonymous said...

I had similar issues. I had runner's knee (chondromalacia patella) which later progressed to ITBS.

This made running easier when I got back to it:

I needed to strengthen my inner thigh side of my quads. Lunges, squats, and step ups helped me a lot.

I'm not saying that's what you have, but it sounds similar to what I had. Plus, it's a very common running injury.