Saturday, June 4, 2011

Taking it easy

Why am I so hard on myself? So demanding, so driven?

On Thursday, I started feeling tired and run down. My throat hurt. It hurt to talk and swallow and I was miserable.  I cannot (and I repeat cannot) be sick this weekend.  We have some incredible plans (which I will fill you all in later on). 

So, I took the day off yesterday.  I got up with my daughter and helped her with her hair (she was dressing up for the PA living history museum at school).  After the kids left, I went back to bed.  HUH?  Sleeping at 8:30 am?  What?  I slept till about 10am.  After that, I puttered around and did some work (of course...I can't totally take the day off).  I faithfully took my Tylenol every four hours and sucked down numerous cough drops.  Around 2:30, something strange happened.  I fell asleep AGAIN.  I woke up just before 4. 

I woke up this morning with a mildly sore throat, but definitely better.  I cannot be sick for tonight and tomorrow.  I will keep repeating this to myself all day and will myself back to health. 

I am bummed that I missed my 5 miler on Thursday and am missing my 12 miler today.  This will be a crappy week in the running log.  Thankfully, I am far enough out from the marathon and have a strong base built up that I will allow myself to skip these runs.  Now, I just need to stop stressing about my low mileage week.


TV's Take said...

Your plans sound intriguing. Hope you feel better.

Mama Hen said...

I hope you feel better soon my friend! You did the right thing taking the dayto take care of yourself. I did not get your e-mail. Where did you send it and when? You are so kind to think of my Dad. I miss him so much, as you already know. Let me know when you sent it so I can look back, but I did not see it. Thank you for your kind thought and the candle. Try e-mailing again at
Have a great night!
Mama Hen